Electrical Installation Condition Reports


Faulty and old wiring is one of the main causes or electrical fires in the home. You can reduce the risk of a fire by checking the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories regularly.
As a Truro Electrician I can carry out an EICR on your property


As a landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure all electrical wiring, installations and appliances are safe and in good working order for your tenants

What does an EICR involve:

  • Thorough visual inspection of a random sample of parts of the electrical installation.
  • Series of electrical tests to determine the safety of the electrical installation.
  • A safety inspection of a sample of all accessible mains connected electrical wiring and electrical fixtures including the fuse box.
  • An Electrical Installation Condition Report which will contain details of the inspection.

An EICR is recommended every 5 years

Privately owned domestic properties

Although for privately owned domestic properties it is not a statutory requirement to have an EICR performed on the electrical installation, it is advisable that the electrical installation of all properties are tested and inspected at regular intervals and no longer than once every ten years.

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